You deserve to pamper yourself and look beautiful so relax and let us do the work. Call us today on 0161 428 4752 to arrange a personal consultation. A selection of our treatments and prices are below.


Treatment Single Course
10 Mins £28.00 £140.00(6)
15 Mins £34.00 £170.00(6)
30 Mins £53.00 £265.00(6)
60 Mins £88.00 £440.00(6)
Thread Vein Removal From £42.00
Milia From £15.00


SKINPEN Precision stimulates the skin’s natural ability to repair itself. As we age the natural architecture of our skin deteriorates. This deterioration leads to fine lines, wrinkles, large pores and uneven skin texture.
Treatment Single Course
Skinpen £190.00

Ear Piercing

Health Authrority approved; our therapists are trained to provide this specialist service in sterile conditions within minutes of entering the salon, with no fuss and minimum discomfort. Each option includes the provision of the aftercare cleansing solution.
Treatment Single Course
Gold £39.00
Gold Plated £29.00

Permanent Make-Up

Treatment Single Course
Hair Stroke Brows £300
Top Eyeliner £250
Bottom Eyeliner £225


Treatment Single Course
Essential Moisture Hydra Boost £88.00 £246.00(3)
Essential Youth Reset £90.00 £255.00(3)


Germaine de Cappuccini
Treatment Single Course
So Delicate £75.00 £205(3)
Royal Jelly £77.00 £210(3)
Vitamin C+ (A.G.E) £85.00 £235(3)
02 Anti Pollution £90.00 £250(3)
TimeExpert Lift £90.00 £250(3)
TimeExpert Eye Treatment £50.00 £135(3)
AOX Peel £60.00 £165(3)
Pigment Therapy £90.00

Electrical Facials

Treatment Single Course
Diana-Muscle Toning £49 £375(9)
Onmilux Revive £71 £355(6)
Onmilux Blue £71 £355(6)
Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion & Oxygen £89.00 £250(3)
Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion £65.00 £180(3)

Body Treatments

Treatment Single Course
Body Massage (30mins) £47.00 £235(6)
Body Massage (60mins) £89.00 £445(6)
Indian Head Massage £42.00 £118(3)
Foot Massage £17.50 £87.50(6)
Hopi Ear Candle £38.00 £100(6)


With your choice of either Tea Tree or Honey Wax, Waxing is an effective, hygienic and efficient solution to hair removal.
Treatment Single Course
Face £19.00
Chin £10.00
Lip & Chin £18.50
Upper Lip £11.00
Chest £25.00
Back £36.00
Arm £19.95
Under Arm £14.50
Bikini From £17.50
Brazilian From £33
Upper Thigh £25.00
1/2 Leg £22.00
3/4 Leg £30.50
Full Leg £34.00

Eyebrow Tinting & Shaping

Treatment Single Course
Eyebrow Tint £15.00
Eyelash Tint £18.50
Eyebrow & Eyelash Tint £28.00
Eyebrow Maintenance £12.00
Eyebrow Shape £17.00
Eyebrow Lamination with tint £47.00
Eyebrow Lamination without tint £42.00


Treatment Single Course
LVL with tint £49.50
LVL without tint £45.00


Angel Eyes - Semi Permanent
Treatment Single Course
2 Hour Individual Eyelashes £83.00
Infills from £45.00
Hybrid Full Set £73.00
Eyelash Extension Removal £15.00

Nail Extensions, Manicure and Pedicure

Treatment Single Course
Manicure £30.00 £150.00(6)
Pedicure £37.00 £185.00(6)
Re-varnish (File & Polish) £22.00 £110.00(6)
Luxury Nailtique Manicure £43.00 £215.00(6)
Luxury Nailtique Pedicure £47.00 £235.00(6)

Bio Sculpture Nails / CND Shellac

Treatment Single Course
Gel Overlays £45.00 £129(3)
Gel removal - File and Treatment £15.00
CND Shellacs on natural nails £35.00 £99(3)
Fibre-glass nails £4.50
Nail repair / wrap £3.50
Shellac removal, file and treatment £10.00


Treatment Single Course
Face £29.00
Lip and Chin £21.00
Lip £17.50

Cellulite Treatment

Treatment Single Course
G5 Anti-Cellulite and Inch Loss £51.00 £357(8)
Physique Ultima £51.00 £357(8)


Treatment Single Course
Professionally applied make-up. Includes cleanse, tone and make over. £40.00
Wedding Day Make-Up (in salon) from £60.00

Spray Tan

Treatment Single Course
2 Hour Fast Tan £28.00
12% Medium Tan £30.00
14% Disco Dark Tan £32.00

Sheer Indulgence

For those Special Occasions

Wedding Make-Up

Make your day complete with advice and make-up application from a professional. Session includes and free preliminary run through to your satisfaction- prior to your wedding day.
Treatment Single Course
It’s your special day so why not look your best? From £60.00

3 Hour Top-To-Toe Luxury

When you need to unwind, relax and pamper yourself to the limits, this is the time for sheer indulgence. Imagine being the centre of attention and pampered for more than 3 hours, it can happen. Just look at what lies in store for you in our top-to-toe package.
Treatment Single Course
  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Lunch
  • Facial
  • 30 Minute Massage

3.5 Hour Holiday Necessity

Pack up your troubles with your suitcase and say hello to your holiday!
Treatment Single Course
  • Full leg, bikini and underarm wrap
  • Pedicure
  • Manicure

Men Only

Facials & Back Treatments. Shaving every day can cause soreness or sensitivity (shavers rash) and sitting in offices with central heating systems can often dry out the skin, whilst computers can cause eye strain and puffiness around the eyes.


With your choice of either Tea Tree or Honey Wax, Waxing is an effective, hygienic and efficient solution to hair removal.
Treatment Single Course
Back Wax £36.00
Chest Wax £25.00